Ted Felix

Using 7-zip for Backups
The only way to fly...

My programming book for kids.

Ctrl-Break in dosbox
Finding the ScrollLock key on modern laptops.

Sprites in QBASIC
Beginnings of a game writing book.

Ted's Tech Tips
Chicken Soup for the Technical Soul

I did this one back in the 80's using a combination of graphics and text to the IBM Graphics printer with Epson's Graftrax upgrade. Accidentally lost the original BASICA program.

Kawai CS10
Amazing digital piano.

Yamaha DX7
Fun keyboard.

Ensoniq EPS
Annoying keyboard.

The Machine That Changed The World
A great documentary on the history of the computer. Download it via torrent or magnet link.

Casio Calculators
I've had it with TI! I've switched to Casio. They're so much easier to use.

M$ Windoze Keyboard Shortcuts
The most complete list on the 'Net.

Coleman Digital Compass Instructions
Found one in my house. Thought I'd document it.

PoGo! Products Radio YourWay Review
Never miss Car Talk again with this radio recorder.

Dell Axim X50v Review
Fun little PDA.

Palm V PDA Review
If it weren't for the fact that you can't use it without its failing touchpad...

Garrity K002G LED Flashlight Review
Great light for when the power goes out. Lasts up to 700 hours.

My Book Collection
Check out my collection of kids programming books from the late 70's and early 80's.

TI Calculators
Well, they aren't as programmable as I'd like, but having Mathematica (almost) in a tiny box is a lot of fun.

Macromedia Dreamweaver Review
Can a hardcore HTML hand coder actually put up with such a tool? Surprisingly, yes.

Computer Science for Kids (and Adults)
Learn to program like it's 1980 again!

Using PKZip for Backups
Better than tape!

Sony CDX-MP40 in dash MP3 CD Player Review
I can't believe I used to listen to the radio.

Sony Portable MP3 CD Player Reviews
Can't live without one of these!

Upgrading the Amdek Color II
Return with me to 1982 and see how a 14-year-old kid fries his $3100 computer and lives to tell the tale.

My freeware "company".

My hardware "company".

Ascend Pipeline Router Filter Tutorial
A worm struck my home network and I had to quickly learn how to properly set up filtering on my Ascend router. Got this tutorial out of the ordeal.

IBM's short-lived consumer DSP platform.

Electronic Warfare
An old hobby of mine: Controlling the electromagnetic spectrum.

Computer Related Links
Lots of links to computer-related stuff.

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